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Investing in Innovation

Eos Advisory is focused on providing seed funding to ventures based upon strong and innovative science, technology and engineering. We commit to supporting them through their early development and on to their next stage of growth funding, at which point we will work with strategic investors to maximise the growth as well as the exit potential.

Who we are

Eos Syndicate

Founded in St Andrews Scotland in 2014, the Eos Syndicate is a vibrant entrepreneur led private members’ investment syndicate. At Eos we believe that investing in early-stage innovations can deliver excellent financial returns for investors, as well as having the potential to impact positively on major global issues. To date, the Eos Syndicate has made 8 investments in early stage science, engineering and technology companies, along with 18 follow-on investments. Alongside the Scottish Investment Bank, Management and co-investors we have invested over £11m into these businesses.

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Who we are

Eos Advisory LLP

More and more people wish to make the most of investment opportunities that early stage companies provide, but many are unable to travel to St Andrews for Syndicate meetings. In response to this, the directors of Eos Syndicate have now formed Eos Advisory to provide similar investment services to non-syndicate members. Eos Advisory manages these investments via the Eos Innovation Fund in conjunction with Javelin Ventures, an FCA approved fund manager (FCA Ref:207918). Eos Advisory is a Scottish Investment Bank Co-Investment Fund Partner.

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Eos has been investing in science and engineering businesses since 2014

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