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Backing science, engineering and technology innovation that positively impacts our world.

Founded 2014 | St Andrews, Scotland

Eos exists to support founders. 

Innovation in science, engineering and technology is key to improving quality of life, making agriculture and aquaculture more sustainable, mitigating climate change, finding new energy solutions and much more.

Commercial returns as well as positive impact are the key metrics for all of our work. By addressing key issues facing society, you are by definition addressing markets of scale.

Eos is committed to building a diverse and inclusive organisation through the investments we make, our investors, and our team

Amongst the first signatories to the Pathways Pledge, our actions include hosting events to improve accessibility of investment, as well as ensuring a diverse selection panel.

Deep roots in Scotland, with a global perspective.

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Connections with world-class research universities at home and across the UK remains crucial for our work, as well as networks into industry. Finding, understanding, and scaling innovation is not something that can be done at arm’s length and because all our investments have global application, we spend an equal amount of time supporting them to scale into larger commercial markets.

Most funders are not willing to back nascent ventures until they have a financial track record, because they don’t understand the potential and IP underlying knowledge intensive companies. Eos does.  We firmly believe that commercial returns should be commensurate with early-stage risk, and to realise these returns you need sector specialism and the capacity to work closely with portfolio companies.

Trust, hard work and discretion are important values at Eos.  Everyone who is a part of the Eos eco-system has a level of altruistic motivation, a fascination in the impact these businesses can have within industry and within society.  Commercial returns are clearly also important and so knowing that Eos has the depth of knowledge, network, and work ethic to support companies is of paramount importance. 

We welcome new founders and new investors who share the belief that scientific, engineering and technology innovations are the best way to balance commercial success whilst also having positive impact on major global issues.

The Eos team is made up of founders, scientists, record breakers, industry leaders, and government advisors.


Andrew McNeill

Managing Partner


Mark Beaumont

Partner, Investor Relationships

Andrew Durkie


Calum Keddie

Investment Executive

Jill Arnold

Investment Relationship Director


Ana Stewart



Chris Brinsmead



Rick Clark


Anne Muir

Director of Portfolio

Rob Halliday

Investment Director

Andy Lothian

Growth Advisor

Sandy Kennedy

Growth Advisor

Eos invests through an Angel Syndicate, an EIS Innovation Fund & Venture Partnerships.

We also have Scottish Enterprise co-investment status.  The breadth of this co-investment is important for scaling, balancing of risk and also to build relationships with people and organisations who can understand and help our businesses grow over the long term.

A growing & thriving portfolio

Ishani Malhotra

Carcinotech is a MedTech company manufacturing 3D printed mini tumours developed from patient-specific cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines.
Eos first invested: April, 2022

Giovanna Laudisio

Biodegradable, sustainable and cost competitive cellulose microparticles to replace plastic microbeads
Eos first invested: June, 2022

Richard Hammond

Penrhos Bio offers Remora technology, inspired by nature, that protects against bacteria, fungi, and algae, to provide self-cleaning surfaces.
Eos first invested: September, 2022

David McElroy Phd

Pioneering the discovery, development and sustainable production of high-value plant natural products
Eos first invested: December, 2022
Laverock Therapeutics is developing a unique gene silencing platform for the creation of programmable advanced therapies.
Eos first invested: June, 2023

Lee Cronin

Chemify is building the digital chemistry infrastructure to enable worldwide access to any desired compound instantly and on-demand
Eos first invested: August, 2023

Clare Waring

Europes first cancer drug accelerator. Finding assets, creating spin-outs, commercialising cancer therapies.
Eos first invested: June, 2020

Rotimi Alabi

Lab-on-a-chip’ technology that delivers oil analysis 1000x faster and 10x cheaper than the current ‘send the sample to laboratory approach.
Eos first invested: December, 2020

Richard Kuo

Specializes in maximizing RNA and DNA sequencing efficiency for the discovery and detection of nucleic acid biomarkers.
Eos first invested: July, 2021

Gavin Munro

Formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas.
Eos first invested: January, 2020

Joel Watt

Connects seafood buyers and suppliers, giving them the right tools to trade efficiently, negotiate prices and process deliveries across Europe – all in real-time, 24/7.
Eos first invested: October, 2019

Dr Mark Hegarty

Offers a revolutionary spectroscopic liquid biopsy with artificial intelligence for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.
Eos first invested: February, 2019

Dr Dave Hughes

An award winning Scottish sensors company utilising thin-film processes to eliminate conventional limitations in ultrasound sensors.
Eos first invested: April, 2018

Jim Laird

ABUNDA mycoprotein is a fermented food ingredient, rich in protein and fibre. Naturally fortified in B12, zinc and iron. ABUNDA is highly nutritious.
Eos first invested: June, 2017

Prof. Ian A. Johnston

A provider of specialist genetics and breeding management services to the aquaculture industry.
Eos first invested: March, 2016

Prof. W. H. Stimson

An early stage biotechnology company focused on modulating the Innate Immune System through the development of novel peptide therapeutics for Virology, Cancer, Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis.
Eos first invested: July, 2015


Dxcover present clinical trial for the early detection of cancer at the American Association for Cancer Research

April 9, 2024

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Neupulse secures a £2.5 million investment led by Eos

March 18, 2024

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Pathways Pledge Launch

February 29, 2024

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General enquiries

Angel Syndicate

A Syndicate of like-minded entrepreneurs was how Eos started in 2014 and it has since grown to a diverse private members group of around 60 individuals who typically meet once per month online, and inperson once per quarter to consider investment opportunities that the Eos executive has pre-screened. Members are usually presented with 1-2 investment opportunities per meeting. These have been carefully selected from a large pool of applications, not only for the strength of the underlying science or technology, but also for their market potential, management team and exit potential. The investment opportunities are predominantly Scottish based businesses, often spin-outs from Universities and they will always be early stage, generally pre-revenue.

Innovation Fund

The Eos EIS Innovation Fund backs businesses in the same impact areas as the Syndicate and has the ability to co-invest or invest separately. The Fund is designed for investors and financial advisors who do not have the desire, the time or the ability to attend pitch meetings and make direct investment decisions as syndicate members.  Funds are diversified into a portfolio of at least 5 businesses, and recommendations are made by the Investment Committee, made up of the Eos partners, with the final investment decision held by our Fund Manager. 

The businesses that we back all aim to have a positive impact on the world around us, whilst also delivering a commercial return. By addressing global challenges, we are backing Scottish innovation that has a significant market opportunity.  Eos, alongside our network of advisors and investment directors, works with innovators to build the foundational years of companies.

Venture Partners

Eos has extensive access to the Scottish start-up market and the ability to lead due diligence and transactions on deep science and technology. We look for Venture Partners who have a range of complimentary strengths, the ability to invest at Series A and trade connections and experience.

Each Venture Partnership is unique and based on the overlap of interests. We are seeing particular growth in life science and climate change opportunities, and are actively looking for new UK and international Venture Partnerships in these areas, whilst continuing to invest across our four impact areas.

Latest news

Dxcover present clinical trial for the early detection of cancer at the American Association for Cancer Research
09 April 2024
Neupulse secures a £2.5 million investment led by Eos
18 March 2024

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