3F Bio

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3F Bio is a biotechnology company working on the sustainable production of non-meat protein. Its patented zero waste technology transforms the waste output from existing ethanol bio-refineries into high-quality protein, (Mycoprotein) known as ABUNDA®, with up to twenty times better conversion efficiency than traditional protein sources, such as meat from farmed animals.

Eos provided a Seed investment in June 2017 into 3F Bio allowing it to develop its technology ahead of a Series A investment which completed in April 2018 at a 5x increase in share price. The business is now raising a £25m Series B round.

ClinSpec Dx

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ClinSpec DX is a clinical diagnostics company which is pioneering a new diagnostic process that uses machine learning to identify spectroscopic differences in simple blood serum. This allows same-day detection and grading of a broad range of diseases, with first applications to brain cancer.

Eos led a Seed Investment in February 2019 into Clinspec DX. The deal was syndicated with our co-investment partners and totalled over £1.4m.


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Xelect is a genetic profiling company working to increase the production efficiency of farmed fish in the global aquaculture industry. It works with farmers to select the broodstock that will give rise to the highest yield. This is therefore genetic selection, not genetic modification. Xelect has become a globally recognised brand in aquaculture genetics serving 52 customers in 17 countries.

Eos led the initial seen investment in Xelect at the point of spin out from the University of St Andrews and have supported them to the point where they are now profitable with revenues approaching £1m.


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Novosound has developed a flexible ultrasound technology for ultrasonic imaging and measurement. In the ultrasonic imaging market, its technology enables new innovations in a wide range of devices. In the measurement market the combination of low cost and form factor enables Novosound to leave sensors across industrial plants, thereby enabling real time monitoring of industrial processes to reduce down time and increase productivity.

Eos invested in Novosound at the point of spin out in April 2018 alongside co-investment partners. Since this time the Company has attracted over £750k of non-dilutive further funding, and has gone on to raise a £3.5m Series A round.

Digital Sports Arena

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Digital Sports Arena was founded by a BAFTA award winning team of game industry executives with a proven track record of delivering multi-million selling sports franchises. After an extensive design and development programme, the business has now developed a mobile based player vs player (PvP) football management game which is now ready for launch. A publishing deal is currently being sought.

EOS led the initial seed investment into DSA in 2015 and has supported it through several seed rounds since then.

ILC Therapeutics Logo
ILC Therapeutics

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ILC Therapeutics™ Ltd is an early stage biotechnology company focused on modulating the Innate Immune System through the development of novel peptide therapeutics for the treatment of Cancer, Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis.
Innate Lymphoid Cells were discovered 10 years ago and are split into three classes: ILC-1, ILC-2 and ILC-3, each class associated with a different type of disease: Cancer, Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis respectively.
There is a renaissance of interest in Alpha Interferon driven by the discovery that this protein is the bridge between the two halves of the immune system: the Innate Immune Systems and the Adaptive Immune System.
For the immune system to reach its full potential in the area of cancer therapy both halves have to be fully engaged. Interest in NK cell therapy is exploding and NK cells are a type of Innate Lymphoid Cell 1 (ILC-1) modulated by alpha interferons. Our hybrid, patented, interferon alpha has been shown to have a powerful stimulatory effect on NK cells and this is critical to maintaining NK cell activity inside tumours where the cancer is trying to switch them off and escape destruction.
Our Hybrid 1 has shown modulatory effects on tissue based ILC-2 networks (Atopic
Dermatitis) and ILC-3 networks associated with Psoriasis.
All these applications have massive market potential driven by unmet clinical need or under performance of existing therapies. We expect that alone or in combination with current standard of care we have can have a significant clinical impact in the future.
EOS has led several seed rounds into ILC Therapeutics since the first in 2015.

Findie / Kamua

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Findie uses its proprietory web based AI and Content Automation to help companies achieve incredible marketing results through Digital Video. It allows global brands to maximise their customer read by delivering personalised video marketing experiences.

Recently Findie spun out their core AI Video Editing engine as a separate product and service under the brand name Kamua. Kamua allows marketing brands to automatically convert their traditionally shot Widescreen (16:9) content into social media friendly portait formats for platforms such as Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Snap, WhatsApp and many others.

EOS invested in Findie in their 2016 seed round and have supported them ever since. The business is about to seek its Series A round.


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Chromacity design and manufacture some of the most compact, affordable and powerful ultrafast laser systems in the market, spanning the spectrum from visible to mid-IR. With minimal set-up and an intuitive web browser interface, their ultrafast lasers enable the scientific and industrial customers to push boundaries in areas such as life sciences imaging, fundamental research, spectroscopy, quantum optics and others.

Cumulus Oncology

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Cumulus is the first oncology drug development accelerator in Europe. It develops new oncology treatments that target the unmet medical needs of specific cancer patient populations.

Founded by a team with in-dept oncology expertise and proven commercial success, Cumulus brings a powerful, innovative ‘hub and spoke’ approach to the European market for the first time. After a rigorous two-year long asset search, focusing on key molecular vulnerabilities and scientific credentials, Cumulus has curated and created a number of oncology biotech spin-out companies, with other opportunities under review.

GM Flow

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GM Flow was formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Adjusta-Cone® is not a standard differential pressure cone flow meter, it fulfils the needs of the oil & gas industry for safe operation, accurate measurement, compact footprint, wide operating range and ease of use.
Eos led GM Flow’s initial EIS seed round in Jan 2020.



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Novel Technology Holdings have developed the SILVERbac fabric technology based on naturally occurring pure silver. Used in many medical applications and topical ointments, silver has been used for thousands of years to preserve and protect. SILVERbac technology protects your products from harbouring pathogens and reduces the potential of bacterial accumulation. It has wide ranging applications including healthcare, sports apparel, hospitality, pet products and medical devices.


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Rooser is a B2B cloud based fresh fish trading platform.
Fresh fish is currently sold across Europe by 6,500 companies using traditional trade routes, it passes through a number of middlemen, each taking a margin before reaching the final wholesaler. All transactions are carried out using dated technology with no central information point providing price or quantities available of products.
Rooser has created a new revolutionary fresh fish online marketplace allowing established seafood businesses to buy and sell fish instantly across Europe. Suppliers are able to upload their available products, the goods are then viewed and selected by a network of wholesalers. Transport, payment and quality is managed by the platform.
Rooser is initially targeting the markets of Italy, France, Spain and UK, as these combined account for over 84% of fresh seafood sales in Europe. The platform will then be rolled out globally.
Eos led the initial EIS seed round in Rooser in September 2019.

RAB Microfluidics

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RAB Microfluidics is an Aberdeen based research and development firm focussed on point-of-need analysis: using ‘lab-on-a-chip’ technology to deliver oil analysis faster and cheaper than the current ‘send the sample to laboratory’ approach, making conventional procedures mobile, rapid and routine. The technology has application opportunity in maritime, renewable wind, other power generation, aerospace, defence, processing and manufacturing  oil and gas, as well as transport industries.

Eos led seed investment in January 2021, alongside London-based Newable Ventures and Scottish Enterprise, as well as existing investors.


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