3F Bio

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3F Bio is a biotechnology company working on the sustainable production of non-meat protein. Its patented zero waste technology transforms the waste output from existing ethanol bio-refineries into high-quality protein, (Mycoprotein) known as ABUNDA®, with up to fifteen times better conversion efficiency than traditional protein sources, such as meat from farmed animals.

Eos provided a Seed investment in June 2017 into 3F Bio allowing it to develop its technology ahead of a Series A investment which completed in April 2018 at a 5x increase in share price.

ClinSpec Dx

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ClinSpec DX is a clinical diagnostics company which is pioneering a new diagnostic process that uses machine learning to identify spectroscopic differences in simple blood serum. This allows same-day detection and grading of a broad range of diseases, with first applications to brain cancer.

Eos led a Seed Investment in February 2019 into Clinspec DX. The deal was syndicated with our co-investment partners and totalled over £1.4m.


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Xelect is a genetic profiling company working to increase the production efficiency of farmed fish in the global aquaculture industry. It works with farmers to select the broodstock that will give rise to the highest yield. This is therefore genetic selection, not genetic modification. Xelect has become a globally recognised brand in aquaculture genetics serving 52 customers in 17 countries.

Eos invested in Xelect at the point of spin out from the University of St Andrews and have supported them to the point where they are now profitable with revenues approaching £1m.


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Novosound has developed a flexible ultrasound technology for ultrasonic imaging and measurement. In the ultrasonic imaging market, its technology enables new innovations in a wide range of devices. In the measurement market the combination of low cost and form factor enables Novosound to leave sensors across industrial plants, thereby enabling real time monitoring of industrial processes to reduce down time and increase productivity.

Eos invested in Novosound at the point of spin out in April 2018 alongside co-investment partners. Since this time the Company has attracted over £750k of non-dilutive further funding.

Digital Sports Arena

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Digital Sports Arena is a BAFTA award winning team of game industry executives with a proven track record of delivering multi-million selling sports franchises


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Alfacyte is developing a novel immunoregulatory formulation for the oral treatment of food allergies based on the immunological activities of two candidate cytokines, with adjuvant-like activities.


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Findie exists to showcase the thousands of incredibly talented filmmakers whose work deserves to be seen. Findie search every corner of the internet to find the best cinematic videos. They’re categorised in their proprietary content engine, then recommended to you based on what you view and love.


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Chromacity manufactures a new highly versatile femtosecond infrared laser product ideal for use in a diverse range of industrial and scientific applications.

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