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Eos first invested: August, 2023
Founder: Lee Cronin
Chemify is building the digital chemistry infrastructure to enable worldwide access to any desired compound instantly and on-demand
Eos first invested: June, 2023
Laverock Therapeutics is developing a unique gene silencing platform for the creation of programmable advanced therapies.
Eos first invested: April, 2023
Bioliberty creates soft robotics technology to provide social care services to improve patient outcomes.
Eos first invested: December, 2022
Founder: David McElroy Phd
Pioneering the discovery, development and sustainable production of high-value plant natural products
Eos first invested: September, 2022
Founder: Richard Hammond
Penrhos Bio offers Remora technology, inspired by nature, that protects against bacteria, fungi, and algae, to provide self-cleaning surfaces.
Eos first invested: June, 2022
Founder: Giovanna Laudisio
Biodegradable, sustainable and cost competitive cellulose microparticles to replace plastic microbeads
Eos first invested: April, 2022
Founder: Ishani Malhotra
Carcinotech is a MedTech company manufacturing 3D printed mini tumours developed from patient-specific cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines.
Eos first invested: July, 2021
Founder: Richard Kuo
Specializes in maximizing RNA and DNA sequencing efficiency for the discovery and detection of nucleic acid biomarkers.
Eos first invested: December, 2020
Founder: Rotimi Alabi
Lab-on-a-chip’ technology that delivers oil analysis 1000x faster and 10x cheaper than the current ‘send the sample to laboratory approach.
Eos first invested: June, 2020
Founder: Clare Waring
Europes first cancer drug accelerator. Finding assets, creating spin-outs, commercialising cancer therapies.
Eos first invested: February, 2020
Novel Technologies has developed a technology where pure silver particles are incorporated into fibres as a antimicrobial coating for paints and textiles in a way that is ecologically sound and non-toxic to humans.
Eos first invested: January, 2020
Founder: Gavin Munro
Formed in 2014 to offer Adjusta-Cone® as the world’s first fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas.
Eos first invested: October, 2019
Founder: Joel Watt
Connects seafood buyers and suppliers, giving them the right tools to trade efficiently, negotiate prices and process deliveries across Europe – all in real-time, 24/7.
Eos first invested: February, 2019
Founder: Dr Mark Hegarty
Offers a revolutionary spectroscopic liquid biopsy with artificial intelligence for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.
Eos first invested: April, 2018
Founder: Dr Dave Hughes
An award winning Scottish sensors company utilising thin-film processes to eliminate conventional limitations in ultrasound sensors.
Eos first invested: June, 2017
Founder: Jim Laird
ABUNDA mycoprotein is a fermented food ingredient, rich in protein and fibre. Naturally fortified in B12, zinc and iron. ABUNDA is highly nutritious.
Eos first invested: March, 2016
Founder: Prof. Ian A. Johnston
A provider of specialist genetics and breeding management services to the aquaculture industry.
Eos first invested: December, 2015
With minimal set-up and an intuitive web browser interface, their femtosecond lasers and picosecond OPOs, enable the scientific community and industrial partners to push boundaries and discover more.
Eos first invested: July, 2015
Founder: Prof. W. H. Stimson
An early stage biotechnology company focused on modulating the Innate Immune System through the development of novel peptide therapeutics for Virology, Cancer, Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis.

Latest news

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21 June 2024
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12 May 2024

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